Friday, February 1, 2008

Bitsy Button

I am overwhelmed by your good wishes and kind thoughts for Bitsy. I've read every comment over and over and they all mean so much to me! Thank you my dear readers, for being there for me, and for caring about Bitsy.

She's doing pretty well, but we did have to make a quick trip back to the vet this week. She has a drain in her incision and it seems it was pulling a few stitches out. I bundled her up, put her in the car and off I went with a trembling dog in the front seat. Seems she knows now that every car ride is to the vet. (Something I'll have to remedy when she recovers.) She's back home with some staples added, but the good news is that tomorrow she goes back to the vet to get the drain out. I hope she'll feel better after that and she can get onto the healing process. I promise to keep you posted on how she's doing.

This is the look Bitsy reserves for me! I feel so honored to have her!

Chelsea has been really good with Bitsy. She walks carefully around her, and never gets too close to her incision. She knows something happened and seems concerned. But as good as she's been, today she just had to bring a mouse for me to throw for her! Please mom, please!

And today I got the cutest pictures from my friend Anne. It's a cat show with Jack and Arnie! Jack and Arnie are rescue kitties from the Humane Society. They are the cutest cats you have ever seen! Anne put in this "cat" video for them to watch, and for almost an hour they were glued to the TV! It's a video with fish, birds and other cats.

First came the fish...

Then came Jack's paw... he's trying to get a bird.
When the video changed and the bird went off the screen guess what he did?

He went around to the back of the TV to see if he could find it!

They watched for so long that Anne says she is going to limit their TV hours.

Anne's a good mom!

Tonight I'm sitting in my old red chair, binding a quilt and watching TV with Bitsy at my side. She doesn't seem to care about what's on TV! (: