Saturday, February 9, 2008

Busy Little Bunnies

Yesterday was my Bunny Club meeting at our local quilt store, Thimble Creek. It's a bit like the photo above, we all fit into one area and we all kindalookalike (that's my made up word...isn't it great?) . Sometimes there's a shy one, but usually they get drawn into the "goings on" one way or another.

We have show and tell, fabric envy, shopping fever and lots of fun! What a nice group of ladies and you can't imagine the amount of talent they have! Some work on applique, some on embroidery, some on wool projects and then of course some work on Bunny Hill projects.

Pat at was kind enough to email me a reminder to take my camera so I have pictures to share! Thanks so much Pat!

A French embroidery project from Chickie in those chic colors, beige and red.

Chickie also made a wool pillow using my "Cabin for Rent" pattern,
only she added binding and the tiniest yo-yo's as decorations!

Fabric envy

A head start on Christmas...a Primitive Gatherings pattern!

And all the applique that you can imagine!

And for a perfect ending to a very nice class, Chickie let me take a picture of her cute little bunny pin she was wearing. Something about those bunnies I just love!

Wish you all could have been there!

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