Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I never imagined when my husband found this little dog that my life would change profoundly. It's not any type of change that you can see, but rather something deep inside my heart. It's a feeling that I've known her forever. A special feeling of connection and I have no idea where it comes from. I just know it's there. Bitsy isn't particularly pretty, but if you look into those eyes you will see the beauty that I see.

Taking a 12 year old dog into your life is a risk in itself. You know there will be lots of happy times, but for sure there will be health issues and things to be taken care of. It's like adopting an old grandmother. Yesterday Bitsy went back to the vet to have a second tumor removed. A mast cell tumor is similar to other cancers, in that it can return if you don't get all the cells. The vet had make a very large cut yesterday, along with two other little areas. When I picked her up, she looked at me with those eyes and I cried all the way home. As my friend Anne told me yesterday, we do these things for our pets because we want to save their lives. She said soon she will be running and playing once again.

She is a brave little dog, and today she is doing better. She has pain medication and antibiotics and they seem to be working because she keeps standing at the front door waiting for her walk. No don't worry, that isn't going to happen! She seems very anxious to get back to her normal life. She has the heart of a very young dog!

I think the rule is that you don't add another post when you're having a give away. But we all have times like this and sharing helps us through them.

Please say a little prayer for Bitsy. She deserves a longer life with us.

And, if you haven't added your comment to my give away in the last post, do it now! You could win these little treats!

Hugs to you all,