Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tell me if you see pink?

Kimberly over at Fat Quarter Shop http://www.fatquartershop.blogspot.com/has a contest going on her blog right now. It's all about a pink Jolly sign and somehow almost everyone is guessing it's me that sent it to her! It's something about me liking pink.

Now that I have the wonderful photos from Gregory Case, let's just review them and see if I really like pink that much. I mean help me out here...I can't have the reputation if it isn't really true!

Here's the photo taken in our living room. Do you see that much pink? There are White curtains on the windows everyone! What about that White table and the White in that chair? White birdhouse? BLUE bitty bird? Maybe there's a tinge of pink on the walls, but not enough to really count! INNOCENT I am!

And look at this photo of "Postcard Cuties for Summer"! I'm seeing some RED, YELLOW, even BLUE! The only pink in this picture is the Adirondack chair and who wouldn't want a pink chair like that? Oh, and then there's the tiny bit of pink on the wall. Again, not enough to even count. NOT GUILTY for sure!

And this one taken in our family room? I'm seeing some YELLOW walls and lots of WHITE pillows and bedding. How about that BROWN dog? Maybe a bit of pink on those pillow ruffles but come on...every pillow needs a ruffle and I can't help that they were pink. "Buttons and Bows" might have a little pink in it, but only because it was in my fabric line. I can't help that. FALSELY ACCUSED again!

For goodness sake I can't help it if the lamp shade is pink. It came that way from the store! Did you notice that YELLOW chick and the BROWN bunny? Maybe there's a pink block or two in this "Postcard Cuties for Spring" quilt, but it's spring and everyone wants a pink bunny don't they? It's almost slanderous being accused of liking pink so much!

OK, I can explain about the pink in this guest room. It had to be painted pink or I couldn't have used the pink Target shower curtains that were left over from Quilt Market. I would have had to go out and BUY curtains, and that would have been expensive. Especially when you have these basically FREE shower curtains, just sitting there. This would be considered a "thrifty" pink and doesn't count. Especially when you put a WHITE bed in front of it.

So there you have it everyone. I'm innocent! How on earth did I get this reputation for liking pink so much? Kimberly, I'm innocent right? Just ask her...she'll tell you!