Monday, January 14, 2008

A Photo Shoot!

Yesterday was a photo shoot day at Bunny Hill with the famous Mr. Gregory Case and his assistant Elena. Not only are they the best photography team around, they are also dear friends of mine. I haven't updated the slide show on my web site for almost a year and wanted some new pictures! Ta da! Coming soon!

Elena and Greg arriving.

I've always looked at books and magazines, enjoyed the photos and never once thought about what went into shooting the photographs. Now I look at everything differently. Staged photos mean a lot of moving things around, a lot of finding just the right props, a lot of arranging and rearranging over and over. Staged photos mean a LOT of work. Everything looks different through the eye of the camera and it's the photographer's eye that makes a good staged photo. Sometimes we move things no more than an inch just to get a good picture!

While Greg and Elena were working their magic, the Bunny Hill committee was not very impressed (sorry Greg). They were busy napping and just couldn't be bothered. I snapped these pictures with my camera as Greg and Elena worked.

Bitsy rests on the day bed in our great room with her soft fleece blankie.

Chelsea sleeps on the chair in the Living Room. She also has a soft fleece blankie.

Noel came to visit with Nireko, my assistant, and was busy eating all the cat food while we worked. She got in so much trouble Nireko made her pose in one of the photos. Here she is sleeping on the floor. I don't think she can get up after all she ate. (: You will love the photo when you see it! She laid perfectly still and did exactly as she was told. Good dog, Noel, good dog!

Then, at the end of the day when I was so tired I could hardly pick up the computer mouse, I found this award waiting for me from Angela at To think that I make her day is so humbling because believe me she absolutely makes my day! I love to visit her blog, can't wait until she does a new post, and if you have a decorating question she will help you! Free! Just email her and she's there. The rules to this award are that you can pass it on to up to 10 bloggers. I would send it back to Angela, but how silly is that?. It could go on forever with us! (: Thank you Angela! You make my day too!