Friday, January 18, 2008

Looking for Whiteware

In my quest to decorate our home and to prove to all of you that pink is not the focus of my life, I'm going to share "before" pictures (something I hate to do) and then later on the "after" pictures (whew, I feel better already). I'm taking a big risk because I'm not positive that what I'm doing will look good. I'm showing you this before I've finished. But remember, risk taking is at the center of creativity. So, here it goes...

In the spotlight is our fireplace that resides in our YELLOW family room. It has a tall mantle that's too high for a mirror. I'd have to stand on a chair to see myself. So, I found an old window, hung part of a "cutter" antique quilt behind it, and now it's the focal point of the fireplace. It didn't matter that the window pane goes across the center of the quilt block. I knew that would happen no matter what I put behind the window.

So how did I hang the quilt? First, I stitched a sleeve on the back of the quilt. Then I put a wood slat through the sleeve and made sure the slat was about 1/2" longer than the quilt on each end (but not longer than the window). I put an eye hook on the top of the slat at each end. The eye hooks are attached with tiny nails to the frame of the window.

My idea is to line the mantle with whiteware pitchers of different sizes. I started with one...

then found two more...I'm shopping ebay, garage sales, friends houses, any place I can think of to find more pitchers. Home Goods has to be a destination place for me soon! I only need about 12 more and then I'll show the after pictures!

And guess what? I'm getting ready to start the slip cover for our old RED chair. I'll show you the "before" chair in all it's glory in the next post.

Meanwhile, if you love decorating like I do, Andrea over at has been to Ikea and posted a wonderful office space.

Off to find white pitchers...