Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another Mini Quilt!

When I give a free pattern NOTHING makes me happier than seeing what you do with it! It's like someone gave me a present over and over! Rebecka Schafer, of Lincoln Nebraska sent me this photo of her mini quilt featuring little "critters". I just couldn't believe she found this fabric in just the right size. Each square has a different little animal! Then to make my day even better she put a bunny in the photo! She bought "Iris" from one of my favorite blogs If you'd like to see the collection of miniature quilts click here Email me your miniature quilt photo and I'll post it on my blog and add it to the collection!

Yesterday was "Bunny Club" at our local quilt store Thimble Creek. This is a wonderful group of ladies who have talked me into getting together once a month for talking, sewing and general fun. Did I say talking? Well, it ranges from quiet chatter to hysteria...4 hours worth! And all the while they sew! They get previews of what I'm working on and sometimes an occasional project. I really need to take my camera each time, because the things they accomplish are amazing! My friend Bobbie Ball made the Garden Bunny pattern and added a picket fence in the border. It's so cute! Could someone out there remind me to take my camera on February 8th? I'll make it worth your while. While you're at it could someone help me get more organized? Isn't there some kind of computer program that will open each day and tell you what you need to do for the week? Please don't tell me it's built into my computer. I'll feel like the dummy.

Have a great weekend everyone!