Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Decorating Give Away!

It's a bit early for Valentine's Day, but I've been having so much fun making things I've decided to have a give away! These little treats are hand-made by me just for you! They'll help you decorate for that special "Love" day.

Remember that shabby log cabin block I showed a few posts back? I had one left over from my quilt and decided it needed a good home. I made a little 8" pillow that's perfect to tuck in front of a few other pillows on a chair or bed, put on top of a dresser or tuck in a basket. It may be tiny, but it will brighten up your room! And do I see pink lace trim on it? Yes, I think I do!

Personalize your home with your own crafty projects and you'll have a wonderful place. It's the key to making a house a home. We often have left-overs from craft projects that could be put to good use. The piece of fabric I used for the white heart was destined for the trash can. It's a left-over scrap of fabric from my slip cover project. I couldn't stand to throw it out so I made a heart and added three of my vintage glass buttons, and some pink velvet ribbon.

The heart on the right I made from my newest fabric "Flowers For Emma". It's also made from scraps, then I added some crystals and pink velvet ribbon and now it's destined for one of you!

If you're the winner of this random number drawing, what can you do with these hearts? There are so many things I can think of, I've given you a few ideas, just in case you win!

You know what you have to do to win this drawing! Leave a comment and I'll pick a winner on February 3rd. It's another random number generated drawing and it could be YOU!

Nite, Nite my sweet readers!