Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Look how cute!

One day later we already have a little quilt made from my free pattern! Can you believe how cute these little monkeys are? This quilt was made by my graphic designer, Sue. I asked her to proof my pattern and ta da! Before I knew it she had a quilt made, quilted and the binding finished. Just think how cute these monkeys would be as a Christmas package decoration or ornament. I'm going to post this photo onto flickr...who knows it may even end up being a flickr "group"! Remember to send me a photo if you make this little quilt!

There's a new blog in town that you have to check friend and designer Vicki Bellino, of Bloom Creek has finally done a blog (after months of listening to me tell her she has to do one!) Today is her first post and it's sooooooo cute. Check out the little bags she made for her grand-daughters. Such a CUTE idea! Get those sewing machines humming everyone! And leave a comment so she'll know you were there (:

Be sure to hop over to Holly's blog and see Tammy Tadd's darling little quilt. Remember, there will be another quilt tomorrow from another designer. Isn't this fun?