Friday, December 14, 2007

How to get what you want at Christmas

Chelsea has volunteered to give a few lessons on how to get what you want for Christmas. You to have to follow her carefully if you want the "secret". So are you ready? Here we go: 1. Approach the object you want very carefully and drop a few hints with a cry or two. Don't let anyone else (like the cat) distract you.

2. Slowly make eye contact with the object and make sure that person who can get it for you is watching. You can't be too subtle or you might get ignored.

3. If it seems like everyone is ignoring you, circle around the object and try to get their attention again. Maybe approach it from the other side.

4. OK, if this doesn't work you're going to have to get it yourself. Stretch as far as you can, open those pocket books and just buy it!

Have you noticed the trouble that seems to happen since we got those chairs in the living room?