Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Pink Collage

I've been meaning to do this for some time now...a pink collage of "cute pink stuff" from Cindy over at She has so many wonderful things and the best thing is they are all pink! Visit on a regular basis or you'll miss the new things. Some things are one of a kind and she sells them quickly. If you see any tissue boxes while you're there please don't buy them. I have dibs! (: Be sure and visit Cindy's blog at to see her wonderful decorations!

Look at what I did with the napkin holder! I use it to hold rulers on my work table.

This was a special Christmas present from my friend and Bunny Hill assistant Anne Bryson. It now holds magazines in my living room. How perfect is that? In my next post I'll share some of the Christmas decorating she's done this year. It's cute and will give you lots of ideas!

If you haven't done a photo collage try it! Just go to and download the free software. Picasa is a FREE photo organizing program from Google. It's easy to use. It gathers all the photos on your computer and puts them in a "Picasa" folder (on your computer...not on the web). From here you can email, touch up, size, crop, delete, arrange the order, and yes even make a collage like I did. Just pick a file, click on the photos you want to collage and click on collage. That's it!

So now I'm off because I have a date with these grand-daughter Alyssa turns 6 today! It's a party!!!!

Have a great weekend!