Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Traditions Continued:

What a fun evening we all had! We turned off the TV and played games. If you haven't done that in awhile treat yourself. Even the simplest games are fun when kids are involved! This one's great fun and called "Don't Fuggetabout the Candy Game"

You can get it at They have some of the best games for kids ever!
And of course coloring is always a favorite!

And, then there's Old Maid, also from
Turns out Grandpa was the old maid! (:

Pretty fancy room for two little girls! Michaela, the 7 year old told me it was "fabulous"! I made the drapes and bed canopy myself. The cream fabric is that wonderful Lakehouse frosted dot I keep talking about! Gives a bit of a shimmer when the light catches it.

Getting two little girls to go to sleep in this room was another story. Take two grand-daughters who each have their own room, and put them in one room and you had a recipe for an interesting evening.

Grandma, how do I know there aren't bugs in here?

Grandma, I can't sleep with the light on in the hall.

Grandma, I can't sleep without a night light.

Grandma, I can feel the bed through the mattress.

Grandma, why do you have these drapes on the wall?

Grandma, if I pull these drapes around me Alyssa can't see me.

Grandma, I can't go to sleep.

Grandma, my head is starting to hurt.

Grandma, I can't go to sleep.

Grandma, can you close the closet doors?

45 minutes minutes later they were finally asleep, our home was quiet and I was smiling (: