Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Decorating A Lifetime Ago!

Seems like a lifetime ago that I had that "other" career. The one so different from the one I have now...Catering Director for a hotel. Not just any hotel, but a beautiful one with grandeur reminiscent of a palace. Christmas at the hotel was a special time indeed and every year would involve new ideas and themes for the holiday decorations. By far, my most favorite year of all, was the year I decorated the "Library" with teddy bears. I spent months collecting bears from all over; thrift stores, garage sales, and any place that might have a special bear or two. They didn't have to be perfect, and I actually preferred a little loving character to them.

Then my husband and I created this special teddy bear tree from the collection of bears. It's made from Styrofoam cut into triangles and glued together with a hollow center. The bears were attached with wire. I stood inside the center of the tree to grab the wire as my husband pushed it through. I twisted the ends to hold each bear in place. The tree was about 4 to 5 feet tall and it got very hot inside that tree! When we were done we added lights and the Library became the Teddy Bear Room! Holiday dinners were served in this room and parties were enjoyed by many who frequented the hotel. Everyone loved the bears! This tree idea came from an old "Country Living Christmas" book that featured a smaller version of a similar tree.

Now, years later I still have a passion for teddy bears! When the tree was no longer needed, I couldn't bear to part with the bears. Many came home with me, and at Christmas time they grace our home, and still bring us many smiles. (: We have our favorites, but I wouldn't part with a single one. There's something special about a teddy bear!

And they all get along every year! Aren't they wonderful?

Hugs to all the teddy bears in the world!