Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Vintage Bitty Bird!

My assistant Nireko came over to work on some projects with me, and she brought along a few things she made. I am always so delighted when she opens up her bag and brings her little treasures out to share. She can take any pattern, add her own touch and create something special. Just look at what she did to Bitty Bird! Bitty has a vintage lace hat, and vintage ribbon roses. Then for a special touch she added some tiny seed beads to the pincushion part. This little bird is a special gift Nireko made for a friend. It's a bitty bird for Christmas! Then out of the bag came the little scissor holder she made from an empty spool of thread. Wouldn't you love to have this next to your machine so you could always find your scissors? Talk about recycling! Creative and smart that's what she is! If she only had a cross stitch "A"! She told me she only bought the "N". I think she should get the whole alpabet and make one for each of us!

She is such a talented lady!