Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ode to the Long Arm Quilters!

I love the long arm quilters
More than they’ll ever know,
I’ve been working on this project
And I’ve nothing yet to show!

The stitches don’t lie flat,
And the threads get in the way,
So if I could, I really would
Just give up for today.

But Holly needs this project,
It’s a secret don’t you know?
A promise is a promise,
And I must have something to show.

You’ll get to see the project
In December very soon,
But I made myself a promise
NO MORE QUILTING, like a baboon. (Ok, so it was the only thing that rhymed)

And so to all you long arms,
That I’ll cherish everyday,
Thank you for what you do for us
And, please don’t go away!

I have suffered through this quilting
More than I can say!
It’s something that I hate to do,
And I need you all today!
Gloria, Kristine, Joanna, Sandy, Nubin and Pam help!
Hugs to all the long arms! (: