Friday, November 30, 2007

Purchase of the year!

My favorite local furniture store, "Blue Tomatoes" closed their location near me, and they put everything on sale. At least they aren't going out of business, just condensing down to one warehouse. I'll still be able to visit! Yesterday I got the deal of the year...this beautiful chair for $37.00! That's right $37.00! I know it's not pink, but it is in the same color family and I love it! So I put it in my studio, along with the pink chairs and it looks pretty spiffy at my drafting table. Not everything has to be pink LOL! Here's an update for you on the Karisma Fabric Pencil I'm selling on my web site:

I've been using my Karisma Fabric Pencil a lot in the past week and I'm finding that the marks come off easily with the eraser but NOT with water as the manufacturer says. I asked my friends to rate this pencil and here is the consensus:

The marks come off easily with the eraser, but not with water.

The lines are easier to remove if you draw a light line and not a heavy line.

The pencil grips the fabric much better than a regular pencil or chalk pencil and the lead is much stronger.

It draws a very nice fine line and never has to be sharpened…a big plus.

It’s wonderful for needle-turn applique. Much better than the black permanent Sharpie Ultra Fine pen or the other chalk pencils.

Most agreed they would use it for applique and for tracing embroidery lines, but not for marking quilting lines.

Overall everyone loved the pencil, but no one could get the marks off with water.

Everyone said it's the best marker available for needle-turn applique and all agreed that it would be great for marking embroidery.

Please let me know what you think if you purchased one, or email me directly at

They are available on my web site for all you needle-turn lovers!