Thursday, November 1, 2007

To market, to market, to buy a fat pack!

To market, to market, we can't buy a thing. At least that's what we promised. Look at my car!It's packed full. No room for people! Poor Bitty Bird is in one of these suitcases and not too happy about it!

Every group needs a director and it's not me. It's my friend Nancy! We spent the night before we left, at a hotel near the airport. Look at Nancy directing! I think she's telling my assistant Nireko to be very careful with Bitty Bird, but I hate to say it, I saw Nireko tossing a suitcase with poor bitty onto the shuttle bus.

I was running so late with my quilts this time we had to stitch on a quilt sleeve at the airport. Let me rephrase that...Nireko and Nancy stitched on a sleeve! I took the photo with that little pink camera of mine (:

We arrived in Houston and the set up of the booth begins! It's Nancy, Anne (no not me, the other Anne), Kris and Nireko. I am in charge of taking the pictures. (:

This is how market looks when you first arrive. Nothing set up, just white drapes.

One more quilt sleeve to sew on before we can hang the quilt! Talk about last minute! It's Anne (the other Anne), Bobbie and me...yes, I'm sewing too (:>

Then the night before market opens it's off to sample spree and the frenzy begins.

I said no shopping, but something happens at sample spree and I'm obviously not alone. Oh my, how are we going to get home? This is just my stack. Everyone else in our little group has a stack too!

Bitty Bird has made some friends but they didn't all come home with us. I actually traded the white bitty bird for a vintage window from Verna Mosquera. Wait till you see it! It's on it's way with UPS! To make it worse I didn't even make the white bitty bird. My assistant Anne did, but I'm keeping the window. Do you think that's really bad?

Lots more pictures to come but tonight this tired person has GOT to get some rest. Nite, nite all!