Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pink isn't a's an attitude!

I just learned Rowenta makes a pink/white iron and a pink ironing board cover! Do you think I'm in heaven? The answer, if you have any doubt is yes! People tell me I'm a bit late with this knowledge, but I don't care. Happy is happy and I could be happy with a pink iron! Note to self: buy pink iron when I return from market.

My assistant Nireko is from Japan, I so I am in the "know" ahead of time. In Japan you can buy the Clover Craft Iron in pink! Yes, pink! I can understand why the Japanese get it first, because Clover is a Japanese company, but I really have to protest. We need it here too! Maybe I'll see one at Quilt Market next week. If not, I'll send my assistant to talk to the CEO. How's that?

Just so all of you are in the "know", my booth at market will be pink and brown. Very chic and not too shabby I hope! Lots of little bitty birds and fabric roses. I'll take photos for you. I haven't had too much time to spend on my booth so I'm pulling it together at the last minute along with tons of suitcases, boxes of patterns, and no time to think about what to wear.

I leave for Houston International Quilt Market on Wednesday and I'll be gone for a week. I'll try to get my new patterns posted on my web site before I leave, but I can't promise. This is the closest I've ever come to market without being done. My family isn't protesting yet, but they are thinking about it.

Speaking of last minute, I've included a preview of my new block of the month called "Blossom Time" featuring "Miss Emma's Garden" fabric and some of Holly's new Lakehouse fabric. My assistant Nireko and I appliqued this quilt in just 5 days. I'll tell you how when I get back. It really was a miracle.

Block Two from "Blossom Time"

Wish you were all coming with me to market!