Friday, November 2, 2007

It's All About The "B"

It's all about the "B" or so I thought, but I learned very quickly that "B" means nothing without those little letters behind it...unny. See that wonderful"B" sign in the photo below, hanging from the front of our booth? Only one comment on it...and the one person who did comment was confused by the letter. So much for my brilliant idea. This is actually a huge reminder for one stands alone. You need the rest of the team. So next market I'll add the unny and I'll feel much better! (:

Thanks to the one and only quilt photographer you will ever need, Gregory Case, , I have these wonderful pictures of the Bunny Hill booth at Quilt Market to share with you.

Hope you enjoyed seeing them! Thanks Gregory and thanks to the bunny hill team that make up the unny! I couldn't do it without you!