Friday, November 16, 2007

A Thanksgiving message

Happy erly thanks giving


I had to share this. It's an email from my grand-daughter Michaela, sent this morning. She's in second grade and writes so precious! Couldn't have said it better myself. (:

Today was so much fun! I escaped from the studio, and went to get a hair cut. This in itself is something my husband will never understand...I drive an hour one way and then an hour back just so I can go to the same person who has always cut my hair. So a normal hair cut takes 3 hours. "Can't you find someone closer?" he asks? Yes, but I LIKE my stylist and she worth a 2 hour drive.

It turned out to be the most expensive hair cut ever, because I made some stops along the way. I've been so busy with Bunny Hill stuff and it just seemed like it was time for a treat. I bought lots of goodies and I'll show you pictures as I find places for them in my home.

I have a passion for old needlepoint (probably because I used to do it and never finished any). I came upon this little purse at "Souvenir", a cute little shop in Lafayette, California. My friend Chickie works there so it was a good reason to stop by! This is the second needlepoint purse I own so I think I now have a "collection". I bought a few other things too but those will have to wait until I can cut the price tags off and get them out of the car.