Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lazy Weekend!

It was tough this morning to get Chelsea out of bed. She was all snugly and warm under the covers and not too happy with me when I got the camera out. I have to say I felt like a cruel mother making her get up! But it's Saturday and I have so many plans for today. No time to stay in bed!

It's decorating time, and I've promised myself I will have our house finished by the end of the year. I'm not talking about holiday decorating. That has to happen too, but just regular decorating. Things like hanging pictures, painting rooms and making curtains. Remember, we moved in May and so many things have not been finished. I just want to feel at home, and not have to think about all the stuff in the closet. (:

I bought this little bird container yesterday at a Christmas shop. Fits right in with the theme this year...Birds are so in I just can't believe it! Almost everyone at market had some kind of quilt with birds on it, myself included! It was so funny!

But Bitty is ending up to be a bit bossy, and she wants to be included everywhere in our house. It's ridiculous! Next thing you know she'll want to be a Christmas tree ornament! She was supposed to be a pincushion, doesn't she know that?

Apparently not! More to's time to get to work!