Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Pink!

It's pink! Can you believe it? If you read my posts about six months back, I was talking about how my husband ABSOLUTELY didn't want a light blue dining room...he wanted beige. Turns out I'm glad we didn't do blue. Not for this bunny! After months of trial cans of paint, we settled on this pale, peachy pink. I am so in heaven and he doesn't know what hit him! He actually painted the walls pink and he LIKES them! It took us all weekend just to arrange pictures, hang the quilt, and decorate the hutch. And this is only the dining room! If you look close you will see two antique baskets on top of the hutch. These are two of the items I purchased on Friday. They are waiting for the perfect spray of flowers and maybe one or two more items to join them.

This is the wall that took the longest time. I've taken a close-up of it below because I'm so proud of it! I found the "flat" bird cage at that Christmas store I was at on Friday. It's flat, just like someone cut it in half, and it's meant to hang on the wall. A bird picture is painted inside. The two larger bird pictures came from Home Goods, the round little needlepoint pictures came from EBay, and the landscape pictures are original oils painted by my husband's great grand-mother! How's that for a mixture?

I put that little hutch I bought at "Room With A Past" in the hallway next to the dining room. It's graced with my rooster collection. The collection all started with the rooster lamp that used to belong to my mom and dad. Have to use it so a rooster theme it is! (:

Here is the question of the week. Why can't builders put the light switches and thermostats in a inconspicuous place? Why on earth do they have to be in the middle of a wall? Hello out there! Could you maybe think about decorating? I tried to work around this by hanging the tiny little chicken picture above the light switch. I'm sure it works and you didn't even notice the light switch.

We're waiting for the living room chairs to arrive and then we'll finish the living room too! I think the chairs are on a very slow train somewhere.

More rooms to come.