Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Friends and Photos from Quilt Market 2007

Before Market Opens...

My favorite time of Market is just before it opens. It's a chance to walk around, see the other booths and something is always going on. This is when videos are made, important interviews are done or professional photos are taken. It's quiet, the aisles are empty and I love being a part of it!

This booth above was right near mine and filled with vintage ribbon and trims. I had promised myself that I wouldn't buy much. That lasted as far as the first table! And here's the worst thing...when I got home I gave my notebook of orders to my husband to total up, forgetting that I had all my receipts for the things I purchased in the same book. So later that night he asked "did you buy a sewing macine and how much did you spend on that ribbon?" Busted big time!

Alma, my Anne, and Barb in the Blackbird booth. If they had offered her a job she would have taken it. I have to keep her out of there for sure! It's her favorite spot!

Me and Vickie from Bloom Creek. I love, love, love her and her patterns too!

Rosalie Quinlan of Melly & Me...one of my favorite people at market. It was her first time at market and I was so excited to meet her. Her sister Melly, wasn't in the photo, but believe me she is just as cute as Roasalie http://mellyandme.typepad.com/ . Come to find out, they are good freinds with Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House http://leanneshouse.typepad.com/, another one of my favorite people in the whole Australian word! Maybe I can host a retreat with all these wonderful ladies! How much fun would that be? Of course they would have to travel, but they are used to it. LOL! Leanne just got back from Norway!

Here is my friend Brenda from Acorn Quilt and Gift Company. She has the cutest quilt called "Cuddles" using the new Lakehouse fabric. Leave it to her to come up with such a cute name and such a cute quilt!

I fell in love with this bed quilt by Moda Home. FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! It's made from their pre-made patchwork fabric. I just have to have this fabric. I made cutains from the seaside rose pre-made patchwork fabric, for our house in Oregon. They are soooo cute. Think I need some for this house. Thanks Moda!

I had a chance to walk through some of the quilt exhibits because market was slower this time. This is the quilt that took our breath away. People who looked at it got tears in their eyes! It's and angel, holding the earth in it's hands. The ENTIRE quilt is made from 3/4" squares. Each square is a photo of people and things from all over the world. I took a close-up for you below. I've really never seen anything like it. My husband says he thinks he sees me in the photo below. Not quite sure why husbands think they are so funny! LOL!