Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Patterns In The Works!

Most designers plan their new patterns for release at either Spring Quilt Market or Fall Quilt Market. I've thought about releasing them as they are done, but logic takes over and I'm saved at the last minute. Can you picture me at market with "new" patterns that have already been released? Shops would walk by my booth and say "seen that, nothing new". Can't have that! So we all work in-between and release new things at market. That means twice a year you get new patterns and designers get the big "unveiling".

Between markets we work away sewing, stitching and thinking up new things. Yesterday, I noticed my assistant Nireko had these little stacks of quilt blocks she is working on sitting right next to this pretty silver bowl of flowers. I had to share the moment with you, our first new pattern in the works! (: