Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Has it been a week?

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated my blog! I have no idea where the time goes! I've spent the week working on my next fabric line and once I start everything else goes by the wayside. I've promised my line to Henry Glass by the end of this week... not only drawings but color cards, water colors and anything else I can think of to send with it. The time crunch is on!

I'm so amazed that I am actually designing fabric that sometimes I have to pinch myself! I have no formal training in art...only a few water color classes at the local community center. I'm not a color expert by any means. I think very hard about how my fabric will work in a quilt, and what combinations will make the line pretty. That's the key for me...it has to be pretty or cute, and something I like! My next line isn't named yet, but it will co-ordinate with Miss Emma's Garden. The inspiration came from the photo below. You just might find this turned into a little drawing and placed in the fabric!

Now back to the "rug episode"...it's definitely turning into an episode. I should know better because anytime I start to brag, I'm always reminded that I might not be so smart after all. ALWAYS REMINDED! LOL! The aqua rugs arrived from Pottery Barn for our "Library" and dining room. The UPS man showed up at the door full of smiles, carried them inside and the minute I opened the package I knew they had to go back. Too bad his truck had already left! My husband wasn't so smiley as he rolled them up, carried each 60lb rug out the door, into the car and back to UPS. (:

I've decided not to talk about that room until it's done. It will jinx me for sure. I'll post photos when it's finished if I don't trip over all the rugs first.