Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A smarter cookie yet!

This smart cookie has out-smarted the husband again! Did you ever have any doubt? I've been thinking about the living room/library and I just ordered the prettiest pale aqua wool rug. Now I have the aqua I wanted in the room, and my husband will never know what happened! I also ordered cream linen boxes for the stack of magazines I can't bear to part with. I have almost all the old Victoria Magazines and my friend Brenda told me they are going to publish it again! I may need more shelves! You too can subscribe at http://www.victoriamag.com

The Bunny Hill Studio is slowly coming together and today is my first day actually designing in it! It feels so wonderful to have a space of my own, even if it isn't finished yet. I was able to draw using my own special pencils and paper and it felt like heaven. I'm working on my new fabric line that will co-ordinate with Miss Emma's Garden. What fun in a room that's filled with light! I'll be posting studio pictures as I go along, but first I have to clean it up .

No one ever talks about shipping, but I thought you might like to see where it all happens. Bunny Hill shipping now has it's own room, lined with shelves for patterns. We bought these at Ikea and after many words that I wouldn't want you all to hear, my husband had them put together. There are actually 75 little cubes total! Now add a TV, shipping table, computer, and a comfortable chair and you have the "shipping" department. This is a room I only go in to drop off orders. Yes, there are empty cubes for future patterns!

I started this post last night and now it's another day so back to work. Have a great day!