Thursday, June 14, 2007

Desperate Times!

I'm going to share with you the stupid thing I did even if it means you all say what a dummy! Yes, I am a dummy, but a funny one! One of the little perks designers get when the sell their patterns to distributors is the ability to purchase things wholesale. It's a wonderful little perk and it kind of makes up for the discount we have to give.

Off I go to order charm packs wholesale. Thought I would start with just a few, so I ordered 3 charm packs thinking this should be enough to make a little quilt. You should have seen my face when they arrived! I thought I was getting what you see in front of the photo below, and instead I got the leaning towers of charm packs! 75 charm packs in all! I mean really, when I think about it I guess I should have realized these companies speak another language than we do, but who knew that 3 doesn't mean 3? Next time I'll read the fine print that says "bundles".

Now guess where you can find these charm packs for sale? They are on my son's web site! If everyone of you bought just one he would be rich and the towers would be gone. I'm so glad these aren't Jelly Rolls!