Monday, June 18, 2007

Cat Dog!

We've had the strangest weekend! We are a kitty household. Pure kitties. Never a single thought of a dog. If I had to pick a dog it would be a Collie like Lassie, or a Corgi, or one of those "regular" dogs. So look what we came home with from the hardware store! A Chihuahua that we've named Chelsea. We ran into a lady selling this little dog and my husband fell in love with her (the dog, not the lady). So she's ours! He shelled out the money for her right then and there.

She sleeps in a little pink cat bed and we're training her to use the litter box! Yes, today she went in the litter box 3 times. I still take her outside so she doesn't get an identity problem. Yesterday was spent getting shots at Pet Food Express and a microchip that says she belongs to us. Guess she's home! If you had told me this was going to happen I would say you were crazy. No explaining the bond between man and his dog...(: