Monday, June 11, 2007

The Design Wall Goes Up!

It was such an exciting weekend for me! My design wall was installed on Sunday by my hubby! He labored with love over it while he could have been watching some kind of sports program. I know a design wall is not normally as exciting as this, but if you saw the one in my old house you would be so happy for me! I've gone from flannel attached with velcro to the closet door, to one that I can pin into, and step back from to see how things look! Imagine that!

I'm using a product called Celotex Board, recommend by my photographer Gregory Case, recommended to him by Freddy Moran. I'm I could go on and on as to who recommended it to who, but I only know these two people. I'm sure you're grateful! If you are interested in finding this board yourself here's the link

My design wall is at the top of the stairs on one of those walls you never know what to do with. It's perfect for my needs!

Now for the photos! These tell it all!

Celotex Board attached with screws to the wall. 2 pieces of 4 x 8 board, joined down the center, cut out around the plug and patched with Spackle. It's so ugly at this stage that my husband thought I was nuts!

Celotex board after being painted, and trim attached to the edges. Even the wall plug is still accessible! Now I can pin directly into the board or, if I want to use flannel I can pin the flannel on first!

A sneak peak at my prize drafting table. It's double sided and antique! My find of the year! You can see it peaking out in the photos above, so I thought I'd show you the whole thing. I've ordered a princess chair (you know, one of those that has fabric going to the floor and a bow on the back), but it's still several weeks away from arriving.