Friday, May 25, 2007

One Smart Cookie!

Our new house has a living room and dining room that are right across from each other and both rooms will be the same color. We decided we would never use the living room so instead we are creating a library, with bookcases along each wall, some comfortable chairs and a throw rug. My husband thinks he's a decorator and so we had our first little "tiff" over the library and dining room. It went something like this:

  • Him..."I think we should paint the walls a beige color".
  • Me..."I could never live with beige, I want a pale, pale aqua like Restoration Hardware".
  • Him..."You always get what you want, and this time we need to compromise. We have to come up with something that will work for both of us".
  • Me...thinking, but not saying it...yeah, right.
  • Me...saying " Then let's settle on a yellow. You get a sample and we'll paint part of the wall and see how it looks."
  • Him..."OK, but I want a yellow with some brown in it"
  • Me...(thinking again), augghhhhhhhhhhh!

So off he goes to the paint store and a yucky, brownish yellow gets painted on part of the wall. After the paint has dried and the light hits the room he can see that it really looks like Grey Poupon mustard. No Grey Poupon for me! I suggest that we just leave the walls white, put white book cases, white chairs, cream throw rug and white curtains and we have a white room with dark hardwood floors. He agrees, thinking he is getting out of painting two rooms! I AM one smart cookie!

Since you like photos, I'm posting one before the room is anywhere near being done. This is one wall with bookcases. No curtains, chairs, rug etc. yet, and everything on the bookshelf keeps changing as I unpack more boxes. So be patient and I'll show you the finished room in about 6 weeks. (Takes that long to get chairs). I'm going to order my curtains from They have white ones that have smocking at the top! Perfect for a manly beige room don't you think? (: