Monday, May 21, 2007

Bunny Hill Studio

I've spent the last week, with the help of my husband and my assistant Nireko, getting the Bunny Hill studio in order. It is really a studio! I've gone from a small bedroom to a large room with lots of light and space. We are having so much fun unpacking all the things and putting them away. My studio is upstairs and I have the whole space to myself. I am still waiting on some things to arrive (four to six weeks) and then I'll take a full studio photo. Until then I'll post some little vignettes as I go along. Thanks to Cindy at I have the cutest little jars for my buttons!

My antique hutch will hold button, ribbons and trims.

This little scene is what I see above my computer every day!
The clock and little jars came from Cindy!
This must be heaven (: