Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tagging, pillows, and patterns

It's been one of those days that just keeps going and going! Most of it spent on the computer and that seems to be the plan for the week. These patterns don't write themselves. (Too bad don't you think?)

This morning I had the nicest surprise. I've been tagged by Doe at Now I've found another blog that I just love! She has some cute, cute quilts! Love those 30's fabrics Doe! And thank you for the "tagged" honor. If you hadn't already tagged Elizabeth at I'd tag her again! So, Elizabeth you are semi tagged. (:

Charlotte's Cottage Pillow

Another surprise, a photo back from my photographer Gregory Case, of the pillow that goes with my new quilt pattern called Charlotte's Cottage. The block I used is called Sister's Choice and it's one of my favorites! I thought you might enjoy a little preview. I should have added a ruffle to the quilt! I could get into this ruffle thing, but I don't think I could talk you all into making ruffles for a bed size quilt. Oh well, I'll dream on.