Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The bags are packed?

Jelly Bags! A New Bunny Hill Pattern

I now realize what 5 months of being by yourself, locked in a house can do. Really, it's just been me and the kitties at our vacation home in Oregon. The result is I have 11 new patterns! Eleven! Even my husband can't believe it! Normally I try for six new patterns. Admittedly some of these patterns are small, so technically two of these could count as one...are you following my logic?

Oh, I also forgot to mention that yesterday a huge box of the softest baby flannel arrived from Henry Glass. Yes, it's my new line of baby flannel called Beary Boys and Girls. Today I'm busying making a market display with it, and tomorrow I'll take a photo to show you! Then later in the week I'll add two free patterns to my for receiving blankets and one for a "Beary Bear". Let's see, 11 plus 2, should I count the free patterns? (: