Friday, March 9, 2007

Getting Ready For Market

My "market brain" is in full force and getting worse by the day! My friend Anne Bryson came over yesterday to help me with my quilt I'm calling "All Things Christmas". Anne's helped me from the very start of Bunny Hill. The stories she could tell! She calls me Oprah and I call her Gail...that's how our relationship works. It's really hysterical to watch. When she arrived I had the table all set for her! If truth be known, she's really the boss.

Lunch is served

I'm working with a combination of fabrics for this quilt. When I opened the Roman Holiday package this piece of fabric jumped out at me. Let's see if you can figure out how I've used it. If you were making a Christmas quilt what would you use this for? Come on, use your imagination! It's a major part of an applique block.

At the same time I'm working on patterns, I'm thinking about the booth for Spring Market. It's a huge undertaking and many designers go "all out". The drapes have to be made, then fireproofed with this horrid spray. Decorations, floor coverings, quilt layouts and a theme are just a few of the considerations. Everyone tells us not to worry about our booths, that the customers are coming to see the quilts. When you walk into market and see the booths going up you know that can't be true! It's always amazing!

I was going through my photos from last year and I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of the process of setting up. We arrive at market as early as we can, dressed in work clothes and comfortable shoes. Then we get busy to turn the steel poles into a booth.

We grab a rented ladder, put the tallest person on it and try to figure out what we're doing. I stand in the background, take photos and give directions (just kidding!)

If you get there early enough you can usually grab a few tables to lay things out on. They don't provide "work" tables so you use what you can find. Water bottles are critical at this point because you start to get really tired and dehydrated.

And finally after 2 days of work it's all ready to go!