Monday, March 12, 2007

A New Sewing Box

Sewing boxes for Alyssa and Michaela

I know that life will return to normal sometime soon in the future and I'm taking advantage of it now with these 2 little red boxes. I am having so much fun! I'm filling them with all the little sewing treats I can find. Each one will have it's own special charm packs, big girl scissors, pin cushions, thread, a pull out tape measure, ruler, needle threader and yes a real needles.

Alyssa and Michaela are my grand-daughters, ages 5 and 6. I've promised sewing lessons to each and when I saw these little boxes I knew they would be perfect. I'll find the perfect spot in my studio and let them keep their goodies there. Then under careful supervision, a new generation of quilters might begin!

This is the younger generation we should be focusing on in order to keep quilting alive! I wonder if "Quilter's Home" magazine has thought of that? (:

And, if you want to know where I got these little boxes,! Thanks for reminding me Gloria!