Monday, January 8, 2007

Let's be creative together

  • The car is packed, the kitties have been to the vet to get their "car sick" pills, my new fabric line was expressed to Henry Glass, what more could I accomplish in a day? I have a moment to myself and I just read the other blogs I frequent. There are some pretty creative people out there in blog land! People who are willing to share their ideas, let us into their lives, help us decorate and teach us new skills. It's amazing to me!
  • I just added a blog to my list called "Primrose Design". It's delightful, with step by step photos of how to do embroidery stitches. If you don't need them right this moment, chances are you may in the future! I'd bookmark this one if I were you.
  • My good friend Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilt and Gift Company has just started her own blog. It's sure to be a lot of fun, because she is so much fun! Little Acorns Blog is brand new and Bren's head is filled with creative ideas. You will love it. Did you know she was an interior designer and a graphic atrist? How's that for letting the cat out of the bag! Something she doesn't tell everyone. Tell her we want to see her cute, cute house.
  • If you haven't noticed, my list of favorite blogs is getting longer and longer. I only hope that I can share and teach as much as all of these wonderful bloggers! It's a lot to live up to, but I've never been one to not try. So as I leave my little house tomorrow morning for our house in Oregon and new adventures, I'll share them with you. Until I can get back to blogging in a day or two, please take the time to check out the blogs I have linked to. Let's be creative together. And don't forget to smile (: