Sunday, January 7, 2007

Kitties On The Move

Mr. Lucky
Miss Topsy

Miss Turvy

Miss Topsy and Mr. Max

Formal introductions aren't necessary. These kitties are all from the castoffs of society. You know the kind, the ones no one wanted...except us. Miss Topsy and her sister Miss Turvy were abandonded in a parking lot, Mr. Lucky showed up at our back door wet, skinny and hungry, and Mr. Max was the uninvited guest at a hotel where I used to work. On Tuesday they will drive to Bend, Oregon with me leaving the saftey of their little home. It's no easy trip...8 hours in the car. It's something that has to be done. We can't have them here while we sell our house. Too many strangers and too many times the doors might be left open. So it's off we go together!

Miss Topsy has promise to sleep the whole way!

We'll be living in Bend together for the next 4 months...until our new house is finished. And just about the time they start to feel at home, I'll be packing them up and driving back to California. What's a cat to do?