Friday, January 26, 2007

Blogged by the best

Oh My Sweet Baby! This is a present from Greg and Elena at
For some reason they know I love lambs!

There's a rule that reads "if your house is a mess, company will come for sure". I should have known, because the day I posted pictures of what a mess I made in my house, Gina at left me a note saying she had blogged about my fabric line. Gina is the queen of blogging in the quilt world. It's so great to have her blog about you that I knew I'd better clean up my mess. So the vacuum came out and the fabric is now neatly stacked. Looks a lot better around here this morning.

Now I have baby things all over my house, made from my very own fabric! They just arrived in the mail, made by my very talented friend Janis Stob. As soon as I can find some cute little baby clothes hangers, I'll take some pictures for you!

If you love lambs, let me know. I have quite a few I bring out at Christmas that are covered in pink glitter! For now, me and Sandy Klop of American Jane are the two with the most lambs.

Greg and Elena thank you for the present! Bye for now all my sweet little lambkins!