Sunday, January 28, 2007

Homesick for my cottage

My corner of the world in my little sewing studio

Another view of the studio (also known as the tiny former bedroom)

Our living room and dining room called the great room (:

Other end of the living room

Guest bedroom where so many of my patterns are photographed

Oh, I am ready to cry this morning. My husband just sent me pictures from home, and all of a sudden so much emotion came up! This is our little cottage that we bought when we were first married. It was a real mess when we bought it, and our friends all thought we were nuts. But to us, it was a diamond in disguise. We worked and worked to get it to what you see now. In a few weeks we will put it on the market and someone else will hopefully buy it, all 1300 square feet of it.

Transition is always hard. I hate it! Even when it all makes sense and I know in the long run we will have the room we don't have now. It's just so hard to leave what we've created. I keep telling myself that these pictures are without the clutter that was accumulating around us. These are the pictures of a house ready to sell. No stacks of books on the desk, no paperwork all over the top of sewing counters, and no kitties in the living room. But still, I will miss it. So many memories and so many fun times.