Thursday, January 25, 2007

Designing Is A Messy Business

Remember this perfect little basket I showed you last week?
This is how it looks now on my kitchen counter
My kitchen table is no longer a table

I've created a mess! When I got up this morning and looked around I realized that quilting is really a messy business. No other way around it. If you look behind the sewing machine you will see that I am using the fruit basket as a fabric hanger. Pretty creative don't you think? I'm sharing this with you all for a reason. In May I will be creating my perfect studio and the pictures you will see will look more like they came from a magazine. We all swoon over how other designers have their studios set up, but the reality is most people sew and quilt wherever they too! I have turned our entire house in Oregon into a sewing room. I have bits and pieces everywhere.

Now here is the key to successful sewing. Ready? You HAVE to clean up before you start a new project or design. Everything has to be put back in it's place, neatly organized and the floor must be vacuumed. This is the rule I live by. My friend Anne Bryson asked me the other day if I work on several projects at once. No, not when it's an applique project. I complete one, clean up the chaos, and start with the fresh little basket you saw above filled with new fabric. There is order in my universe! Until this new design is done, I won't be having company. Not even the UPS man gets past the front door.