Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Glitter Me Pink

I had such good intentions.  I purchased special German glass glitter, made a Bitty Lamb from French General linen, and set about to make a pink glittered lamb.

I think I’m better at appliqué.   Here’s how she’s supposed to look, powder puff white, sweet and innocent…

Bitty Lamb

Here she is in linen.  Still pretty cute and certainly innocent. There’s the bag of glass glitter…


Now add the glue.  Glue + glitter = mess.  Bad, bad stuff!  Glue is sticking to my fingers, the lamb is sticking to my fingers and the glitter sticks to any darn thing it wants to.


Had I thought this out I might have done something with those buttons before I started with the darn glitter. 


Not my best work.  I’m in awe of those of you who can make glittered treasures.   For my little ornament,  here’s the story I’ll tell:  She’s a very old lamb, belonged to my grandmother (I know, those awful buttons), and over the years she’s lost a bit of glitter.  She’s worn, but still has a special place on our tree every year.  We’ll never give her up. 


More decorations to come…