Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decorating

The weekend went by too quickly.  Holiday weekends seem to do that!  I spent part of the weekend decorating for Christmas.  I’m not sure why this process takes so long, but it does.  All over my neighborhood people were busy decorating.   Thousands of lights went up on houses, and front yards were filled with snowmen and other delights. The neighborhood took on a new look! Isn’t it amazing what we do for Christmas?

I try every year to change things around a bit and not duplicate the previous year.   Do you put everything in the same place each year, or do you change things around?  Do you have a decorating plan?  Tell me your secrets!

Last year, Brigette gave me this wonderful pink sign for Christmas. 

My favorite sign

This year it became the focus of my dining room hutch.  These pink lambs are feeling right at home!

Pink Christmas

And speaking of pink, the snowmen that you saw in an earlier post, are at home on my dining room table, in front of a bowl full of pink…

Snowmen decorate the table

…you’ll have to wait to see inside the bowl.  Too much of a pink fix for one post.  I’ll show you more later!


Happy Monday everyone!