Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photographing Chelsea

Digital Cameras are so wonderful! They open up a new world! To think that we can take as many photos as we want, and simply delete the ones we don’t like.

I was working away at the computer today and I happened to look over and see Chelsea sleeping about 2 ft. away. I decided it was a photo moment. Camera was right next to the computer so I grabbed it and did some practice shots!

Here she is, sleeping in her little bed. Cute photo, but too many distractions in the background. That sewing machine cord looks unattractive and yes the window is blurred, but still not the best frame for the photo. Even if I crop it, I’ll loose some of the photo size. Time to go in for the close up!

First shot

Close-up, but where did those ears go? Yes, it’s a dog, but wouldn’t she be much cuter with ears?


So I got in really close, and made sure I had ears in the frame! It adds personality to her photo. It also adds a few little stray hairs to her face! Humm, where did those come from?

Chelsea Closeup 1

No worries. I can Photoshop them out using the clone tool! I enlarged the photo and took out the little hairs.

Chelsea Closeup 2

Isn’t she cute? Pretty near a perfect dog, I mean perfect photo.

For a good pet photo, get down on your pet's level, and get close! Get them when they’re sleeping and you’ve got it made!

Try it with your camera. It works on anything, not just pets. Get in close and see what happens! What have you got to lose? You can always hit delete!