Thursday, November 19, 2009

I’m skipping Thanksgiving

I’m think I might just skip Thanksgiving.  Haven’t told my family yet, but when they all show up,  wouldn’t it be great if I handed each one a box of Christmas decorations?   Get to work and they’ll  get a “bite” to eat later;  maybe a pizza or something like that.  These little guys are just waiting for them, along with hundreds of other ornaments packed away in the garage!

Snowmen arrive

Think how fast it would all get done!  No dreaded day after Thanksgiving, when my husband drags himself out to the garage,  groaning the whole time,  to get the decorations down.  

No standing for hours cooking food, no stacks of dishes in the sink, no spending way too much money on the big feast,  and I could have the weekend just to fluff the decorations and do blog posts about them! 

Ahhhh in a perfect world, one can only dream!  Great idea don’t you think?