Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Love That Color!

What’s in a color?  Amazing when you think about it! Do you say “I HATE that color” or “I LOVE that color”? Click here and see how you respond to this color wheel.  (There’s an iPhone color app on this link too!)  Have you painted a room one of these colors?  Are you a brave red type or a shabby pink?

As the new studio addition draws near, I’ve been thinking about wall colors. Lurking nearby in the garage, we have CANS of paint. Palest of pinks, the freshest blue, a green I’ve decided I “Hate”. Test colors, used colors, colors we bought too much of. My hubby is the frugal one and of course wants to use the garage paint.  He’s picked the pale pink. “It’s already there” he says, and “we won’t have to buy any ”.

I’m the extravagant one.  I want a color that makes me feel “settled in” right away.  One that lets me mix in all my distressed, vintage finds. I want a neutral color on the wall.  I’m going with  “Devine Icing” ! Love or hate the color, you have to love the name!

Devine Icing 

Now, want to have a little fun with color?  Click on the  link  below and find your color horoscope!  Skip the intro, find your birthday, and ta da!  You’re a color!  I’m Lilac Snow.  Can’t believe it.  I hate Lilac!

Pantone Colorstrology