Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dogs at Market?

They allow dogs at market!  Can you believe it?  Who knew?  No food or children allowed, but dogs are fine!  As long as they’re stuffed!


Meet Allie, the newest addition to Bunny Hill!  Isn’t she sweet?  She’s from our new line of patterns called “Petites”.   The patterns are tiny in size (they fit into a greeting card) and so much fun!  Small projects you can make in a day!

We have lots of these little dogs we’re taking to market.  They’ll be decorating our booth and we’ll be selling samples at sample spree! 


Allie dogs

and lots…

More Allies

and lots of dogs!



Allie with a pink bow


My Favorite

I guess you could say Bunny Hill is going to the dogs!  Tee hee!   Oh, and the last little dog with the pink bow?  She’s not for sale.  She’s going to be hanging on my Christmas tree this year.