Sunday, August 2, 2009

Color Cards and Fun Things!

Remember this?Color Cards

It’s the Moda Bella color card! So many of you asked where you can get one, and I ordered a few to sell. You’ll find them on our web site under fabric/basics. I have a limited quantity because I wasn’t sure how many of you REALLY wanted one and please remember…

…These beautiful cards are oversize and the postage in the United States is $10.35. I can’t offer combined shipping for this item and International shipping would be cost prohibitive.

If you want one of these cards to shop for “just the right color” of Bella, you can get one here for a limited time.

Now, are you ready for a giveaway? My friend Kimberly has the best, creative ideas and I try and follow in her footsteps. She gave away a $50.00 gift certificate, sooooo I am too! But you won’t find it here. You’ll have to visit here. Pam wrote the sweetest post about Bunny Hill and when I found out about it I couldn’t resist! Just think…$50.00 to spend at Bunny Hill! You could be the lucky winner she’ll choose on August 13th. Tell her happy anniversary while you’re there!

I’ll be back with another post soon! Hey, do you know it’s almost the 5th of the month? Kimberly will be having twins and Bunnyhill will be posting a new basket block! Too much excitement for me!

Hugs all,