Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pink Goes With Everything!

I’ve been into pink for quite awhile.  Put me in a room and ask me to choose anything I want and I'm pretty sure it would be something pink.

We’ve been busy this week at Bunny Hill, but not so busy that I can’t take a minute to appreciate pink.  This came today in the brown truck and it was a glorious moment.  Shhh…a minute of silence for pink…she’s  here! 

Pink Beauty  

I carried her up to the studio for her first photo, and to show you that pink really does go with anything!  Isn’t she beautiful?  And now that she’s had her photo taken, I will carry her very carefully down to my kitchen and give her a home.  I’m so excited to own this mixer! 

And while I was looking online for the mixer look what else I found pink…

Pink Knife

…chef knives, with white ceramic blades!  Of course I bought them too! Carried these knives up to the studio to prove my point…pink goes with everything…even pressing boards and rulers!  I have to say, as a pink lover I could NOT believe my good luck when I found these.  May just have to whip up a pink cake, in my pink mixer and cut it with my pink knife. 

So why am I going on and on about pink?  To prepare you for the quilt that’s coming in my next post.  My very first quilt.  I’m only letting you see it because of Camille and Carrie.  If you were in a room full of first quilts and had to pick the quilt I made, you would NEVER choose this quilt.  Not one scrap of pink in it!  Not one! And the appliqué?  Oh my goodness!  Think I need to get creative with the photo…

Back soon with my first quilt…