Sunday, July 5, 2009

Counting Sheep!

I’ve been counting sheep!  Lots of them! image  So all you woolies out there, three of you have won a pattern of your choice. So smart you are!  Wool= sheep = lamb!

And now you get to choose!  Any pattern.  Even a block of the month. 



If your name is listed below, send me an email with your pattern choice and your significant information (address etc.) and I’ll send you the pattern of your choice! 


1. Luvtoquilt who said:

I am enjoying this project so much -- I just can't wait for the fifth of each month to arrive -- you are so creative! Given your love of animals, my guess is that this month we will have a woolly lamb or sheep. 


    2. CarrieP who said:

Can't wait for the 5th. I am going to guess a     little lamb.


     3. Annelies Dease who said: Hmmm.....maybe a lamb???? Hope I am right, because I LOVE your patterns!!! XXX Annie

Congratulations ladies!  Have fun picking out your pattern!

Are you ready to make your own little lamb?  Block 7 is on my web site and ready to go!  Be patient if you can’t download it right away.  Try again again later or click on Crafts4me and you’ll find the pattern there also!

Block seven Applique

Crafts4me offers the embellishment kit (they offer ALL of my embellishment kits).  A Tisket, A Tasket is on backorder so be sure to click “notify me” to find out when they are in stock.

And for all of my redwork fans…embroider away! This block is so much fun!!!

Block Seven Redwork

And I didn’t forget the woolies out there!  How could I?  All  those “prims”, those of you who LOVE wool, in dark colors!  Follow the flock…it’s led by that someone over at…



Print Print

Cottons N’ Wool.   Hummmm, wonder how she gets that darn pattern so early? 

Hope you all read my newsletter today!  Happy 5th of July (and 4th too!).