Monday, June 29, 2009

20,017 Comments For One Giveaway!

Can you imagine?  It’s true!  When The Pioneer Woman does a giveaway, she gets between 10,000 and 20.000 comments.  Check out her June 23rd cooking post.  Me,not having a clue, actually entered one of her giveaways.  She divided  it into 3 groups,  my comment was something like number 401.  Great I thought!  First one in the third group. Here I am I shouted and waved my arms right in front of my computer.  I was sure one of the three pink Kitchenaid mixers she was giving away was mine!

Pink Mixer

Ha! Did my jaw drop!  Over 10,000 comments in that one and #401 was swallowed  by the random number generator.

Over in photography she was giving away more things.  I figured out that to read all those comments you would have to start at dawn and go on for days.  Days of nothing but reading comments.  Strange how my mind even thinks of something like that.  LOL! 

She won the 2009 Blogger Awards for best blog and if you haven’t visited you should!  

And now to the point of this post, finally! It’s true I really want that mixer, but you can learn so much from her photography posts!  Read them, take out your camera and follow along!  I did!  Had no idea you could move the focus point around on a camera.  You can! Check out the photo of my pencil drawer!  I focused on the glass knob…the rest of the photo is blurry on purpose! 

Focus point on left

Next time I’ll focus on some eyes or a quilt block or something exciting for you!   For now I hope you enjoy her blog.  She has great photos, recipes and garden and decorating tips. 

Back soon,  thinking about that mixer.  Should I use a credit card?